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Honors College

Highest Honors

Highest Honors is the most rigorous and most prestigious Honors degree program available through the Honors College. What distinguishes Highest Honors from the other Honors options is the opportunity to pursue greater depth in one's academic field. To earn Highest Honors, students must complete an Honors thesis under the supervision of a thesis advisor. The Honors thesis must be signed by a three-member committee approved by the Assistant Director for Undergraduate Research.

Highest Honors Requirements

30 semester credit hours of Honors coursework1

  1. 3 required semester credit hours:
    • IDS 2213 World Civilization Since the Fifteenth Century
    • OR
    • CSH 1213 Topics in World Cultures
  2. 6 semester credits hours selected from the following:
    • HON 3223 Honors Seminar in Social & Behavioral Sciences
    • HON 3233 Honors Seminar in Arts & Humanities
    • HON 3243 Honors Seminar in Business & the Professions
    • HON 3253 Honors Seminar in the Sciences
  3. 21 semester credit hours of Honors elective coursework, including no more than 9 semester credit hours of Honors contract coursework2

  4. Completion of an Honors thesis

1 Students who enter with 45+ hours may be granted a waiver of 6 hours of Honors coursework to reduce the required number of Honors hours from 30 to 24 hours. This reduction of hours will be reflected in section 3 of the Highest Honors requirements, reducing the number of hours from 21 to 15.

2 It is highly recommended that students complete 6 hours of Honors Thesis coursework to count towards their 21 semester credit hours of Honors elective coursework.