Anti-Racism Statement

UTSA Honors College Statement on Racism, Bigotry, and Violence

The UTSA Honors College stands with UTSA leaders in acknowledging legacies of racism and bigotry on the health and wellbeing of Black communities. The continued violence toward Black Americans is part of a longer history that must be recognized, studied, and redressed in order for our society to move forward. We believe higher education can play a critical role in seeking and achieving justice.

We commit to continue the work of understanding the roots of tragedies such as the deaths of George Floyd, Ahmaud Arbery, Breonna Taylor, and generations of others. Black lives matter.

We commit to the work of anti-racism. We support current and emerging university anti-racist initiatives. We will integrate them into our Honors programs and curriculum.

We stand by our Honors College ethos. We honor what is Honorable. We believe in Equity. We promote Resilience. We are Benevolent. We are Supportive of all who stive for positive social change.