Experience Approval Process

There are three ways students can meet requirements for most categories of Experiences:

  1. Honors College coursework
  2. Honors College special programs and guided experiences  
  3. Outside of the classroom activities completed by the student (proces path below):

Scheme of steps to complete an experience, from start to finish

As a reminder, the minimum requirements for non-Honors activities to be approved as an Experience are:

  • You must have been an accepted college student during the non-Honors activity. This means you were either registered or the activity/project occurred during a summer when you were classified or accepted as a college student (not dual credit) at UTSA or another higher education institution.
  • The activity or project must have occurred within 12 months of the request for Honors College approval.
  • For each request, at least 75 hours in direct work on the activity or project must be guided and documented by an external mentor approved by your Honors Academic Counselor.
  • For experiences that are non-coursework based, you must participate in the Honors College Experiential Learning Fair (ELF) in either the Spring and Fall semesters, and the Experiential Learning Fair poster must earn an 80% or higher by judges. 

Detailed Information on Requirements