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Purpose of Honors Contracts

An Honors Contract provides a mechanism for Honors students to earn Honors credit for courses that are not typically offered through the Honors College. An Honors Contract allows the opportunity for students to pursue deeper study of a course topic while facilitating professional and intellectual relationships with the faculty member. Many students find that the work they do to complete the Honors contract helps them with the next steps in pursuing research, service learning, or professional development opportunities. Please note: the faculty member has full discretion whether or not to agree to a contract, as well as to determine what constitutes Honors work for that contract.

Link to Honors Contract Form: Contract Form (PDF)

Contract Details

For students

Students may submit Honors Contracts to the Honors College in order to earn Honors Credit for Non-Honors courses in any given semester.

  • An Honors Contract is due no later than the relevant semester's deadline to add a class.
  • Course MUST be Upper Division 3000-4000 level AND 3 to 4 credit hours.
  • Course must not be offered or cross-listed as an Honors section already.
  • Students must submit the completed Honors Contract form to the Honors College office (GSR 2.210) or by emailing scanned completed forms to Please use “Honors Contract” as the subject line.
  • All information on the form must be completed upon submission.
  • Number of total contracts over the student’s degree cannot exceed the maximum allowed per student catalog and/or track.
  • Students must complete the work no later than the last day of class before finals week, and earn a B- or higher at the end of the semester.
  • Project completed for the Honors Contract DOES NOT impact student’s grade for the course. Students who do not complete their contract will have the ‘H’ removed from the course.
  • At the end of the semester, when grades roll, faculty are contacted to confirm that contracted work is complete. Students who do NOT completed their contract stipulations will be emailed.
  • Faculty members are under no obligation to write a Contract with a student. It is the student's responsibility to talk professionally, early, and often with a potential faculty member about the possibility of a contract. A faculty member is not required to participate in an event.

For Faculty

1 SCH of course-related activity equates to 25 additional hours over the semester. For examples of contracts, please see the end of the Honors Contract Form. Whether a student can earn Honors credit for a specific course is at the discretion of the individual faculty member teaching the course. Once an honors Contracts is processed, students and their faculty will be emailed to confirm that the Honors Contract has been approved. Faculty members who have questions about the program can contact the Office of the Honors College at (210) 458-4106 or via e-mail at