Honors Development Award

What is a Development Award?

The Honors College provides grants of up to $500 to defray the cost of educational pursuits, professional development, research, service, or other experiential learning opportunities. Examples include, but are not limited to: presenting a paper at an academic conference, the costs of equipment and supplies for a specific project, or participating in an alternative spring break service program. We welcome and encourage students of all class years to apply. Students will be evaluated by class year, with awards made across different stages of study, from first year students to seniors.

Jaci Finch with her self-published book

Jaci Finch's children's book on financial literacy

Eligibility and How to Apply

Applications are due by the 1st day of the following months: October, November, and March, April. To apply, go to the UTSA Scholarship Hub. Students rejected at one cycle are encouraged to meet with a member of the award committee to receive feedback and may resubmit during another cycle. Though we do offer some large awards each year, most grants will range in the $150-$500 range. Students are also encouraged to apply for the Alvarez Special Opportunities Fund.

What It Covers

Please note that while the Honors College can sponsor expenses such as airfare and conference registration, it cannot pay for local travel expenses (rideshare or taxis), meals, per diem, or reimburse students for expenses. Depending on the project expenses, it may be possible to issue a Development Award as a tuition scholarship or loan reduction. The Honors College must abide by federal regulations regarding financial aid, so there may be some cases in which an award cannot be provided based on the student’s existing scholarship package. For eligibility and other questions, please email honors@utsa.edu.