About the Honors College

The UTSA Honors College provides a unique educational experience for academically talented students. Our students join our community from across Texas, the United States, and from all over the world. They are diverse in thought, but share a commitment to excellence. The Honors College is open to students from all academic disciplines and currently has 1,700 students. We welcome students from all backgrounds into our inclusive community. Please see our statement on anti-racism and our initiatives to advocate for equity

Through our curriculum, special programs, and academic counseling, we help students reimagine their horizons, so that they exceed their own expectations. We believe that students succeed when they are well rounded, and our curriculum lets them customize their learning inside and outside of the classroom in six areas: Service, Professional Development, Intellectual Achievement and Research, Cultural Exploration, Engaged Living, and Skill Development (S.P.I.C.E.S.).

By making Honors a place where knowledge comes alive to solve problems, we develop talented, committed students who will contribute to the intellectual, economic and social capital of San Antonio and the State of Texas. The experiences that the Honors College creates yields jobs, a robust and multigenerational landscape of leaders, and broader political and civic participation. As much as we coach students toward academic and career success, our ethos stresses that students are honorable, equitable, resilient, benevolent, supportive (H.E.R.B.S.).   

In this section of our site, you’ll meet our staff and our community partners and learn about what we stand for as an Honors Community.  

Honors College Student Profile — Fall 2021

College of Major, All Honors College Students. 25% Sciences, 24% Liberal Arts, 16% Business, 15% Engineering, 12% University College, 5% Education, 2% Architecture, 1% Public Policy
Ethnicity, All Honors College Students. 46% Hispanic, 29% White, 11% Asian, 6% Black, 4% Other, 3% International, 1% Unknown.
First Generation, All Honors College Students. 31% First Generation, 69% Not First Generation.
Gender, All Honors College Students. 56% Female, 44% Male.