Gina Amatangelo

Associate Dean for Strategic Initiatives, Honors College

Gina Amatangelo


Languages: English and Spanish

I went to Penn State University where I studied Media Studies: International Communications. I grew most from my engagement and experiences while on campus. I was a student activist and a volunteer for a local women’s shelter. My study abroad experience took me to Guayaquil, Ecuador where I volunteered in an urban settlement community. I had a range of jobs during college: shelving books in the campus library, tutoring young kids who were learning English, and waiting tables at a casino while doing an internship for a nonprofit human rights organization.

I have been at UTSA since 2016. Teaching is a craft that I found mid-career and absolutely love. After college my volunteer work as an activist became my career as worked for several human rights organizations in Washington, DC. I loved organizing grassroots advocacy campaigns, analyzing the impact of public policies, and lobbying elected officials. My desire to build my skill at influencing public policy led me to pursue a Master in Public Affairs at UT Austin. In graduate school, I developed an interest in how we fund Texas public schools, and headed to work for the Texas Legislature to work on that issue, where I worked for 10 years.

My family loves long road trips: hiking, exploring new towns and cities, and catching up with friends and family. I love Honors students’ passion for service and it is fun to introduce them to new ways to connect to our community.

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