Jorge Villarreal

Student Development Specialist, Honors College

Jorge Villarreal


Hi, I’m Jorge and I am a Student Development Specialist at the Honors College. Originally from the Rio Grande Valley, I enrolled at UTSA where I earned a Bachelor of Arts in Political Science and later, a Master of Public Administration degree. I’ve spent nearly a decade exploring public, private, and nonprofit sectors in various odds n’ ends, driven by a desire to generate the most democratic decision-making in the fairest and most equitable manner.

I’ve written on environmental policy in Washington, D.C.; organized on college campuses across San Antonio; studied urban development and social integration in Peru; co-founded a civic engagement nonprofit that has since scaled statewide; and interned for one of the most competitive congressional races in the country. Prior to UTSA, I worked in quality control alongside one of the largest email marketing providers in the United States.

Cultural Exploration

Throughout my time as a student at UTSA, some of my most valuable experiences have occurred through opportunities to study my passion for urban policy outside of the classroom. In an increasingly global society, I consider the knowledge of our shared issues through different perspectives as key to formulating our most effective solutions. My identity has guided my research and experience to especially emphasize Latin America; the global south; and the American south & southwest.

At the Honors College, I am working in Special Programs, an area I am especially excited to be involved with, having served as an Archer Graduate Fellow. My favorite thing about working in the Honors College is the supportive and collaborative nature of everyone involved. In my free time, I enjoy hiking, swimming, getting as close to music festival stages as possible, and trying out the foods that my other friends won’t.

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