A large portion of Honors College Fees goes to support students with generous scholarship awards for both tuition as well as toward the cost of pursuing experiences outside of the classroom. Each year, the Honors College awards almost $750,000 to our current students as well as to new students joining us.

All students are also supported to apply to external funding opportunities through the Office of Nationally Competitive Awards, which is housed in the Honors College. The offices supports students through the application process for numerous awards to help fund study abroad, research opportunities, and graduate education costs.

Please see below the following options below for more information on scholarship opportunities:

Office of Nationally Competitive Awards and Fellowships

UTSA’s Office of Nationally Competitive Awards supports students throughout their undergraduate careers, helping students develop not only as strong candidates but as well-rounded people so that they can pursue amazing academic and career opportunities worldwide. Awards help students fund a variety of experiences such as study abroad, research, or graduate study. Find out more about external funding opportunities through the UTSA Honors ONCA program.

Honors Counselor meeting with student

Apply to Honors College

Admission to the Honors College is offered to a select number of highly motivated and successful students who wish to take charge of their education and achieve their highest potential at UTSA.