Student Life

Enhance Your Experience at UTSA


While your coursework will prepare you to exceed academically, we recognize that having an engaged student life experience is crucial to student success and overall wellbeing. Through a robust schedule of events and opportunities offered to students living on-campus in our Honors Residential Community, your Honors Experience will enhance your academic and personal development, provide an environment to meet and thrive with other like-minded students, and to practice good health and wellness.

The Honors College organizes events each semester, and Honors students are required to attend 3 events per term, with options both in person and online. We run events in the same categories as our SPICES curriculum model:

  • Service Learning: Serve your community through events where we create care packages and learn about advocacy for pertinent issues.
  • Professional Development: Meet and network with Honors College alumni and learn about what they are doing following graduation from UTSA.  
  • Intellectual Achievement: Attend lectures by invited speakers from UTSA faculty to community leaders.
  • Cultural Exploration: Share and learn about different cultures in events like our Rice Festival.
  • Engaged Living: Weekly Yoga sessions run by Associate Dean Fleuriet and Counselor Lozano as well as activities co-organized with our Rec Center. Mental health and wellbeing workshops have students reflect on healthy practices to manage stress and manage time effectively.  
  • Skill Development: Learn new skills such as crafting a resume or cover letter, as well as do workshop exercises together.
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