What is the ELF?

The Experiential Learning Fair (ELF) is where you share with our Honors College community your out-of-class Honors Experiences and compete for scholarships! The ELF prepares you to talk about your experiences in meaningful ways, similar to what you will do in a job application or interview. The ELF takes place each Fall (November) and each Spring (April).

Note: we went virtual for the ELF during COVID, but as of Fall 2022, we’re back to in-person ELFs. At the ELF, you present in a SPICES category that best represents your Experience. In each category, the top three ELF’ers will receive a $500 scholarship, if eligible for financial aid in the semester it is distributed.


Do I need to register for the ELF?

Yes. Registration is required to present at the ELF, and a separate registration is needed for each experience submission. Students are limited to 2 submissions, per ELF. Registration typically takes place in September and February for the respective fall and spring terms.


Is the ELF mandatory?

The Experiential Learning Fair is not required for students to earn experience approval in the Honors College. However, participating in the ELF is highly encouraged and provides major benefits for students such as improved communication skills, the opportunity to share your research or experience with others, professional development preparation for presenting at conferences, and more! 

Note: Beginning January 1, 2024, students who have received the Honors Experiential Learning Award are required to present at the ELF for the experience in which they won the award for. 

ELC Showcase

Check out winners from past Experiential Learning Fair showcases!

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Opportunities within the Honors College

The Honors College offers students the opportunity to participate in a number of different programs to further expand knowledge, especially in the realms of professional development, leadership development, and public service. Special programs are fully integrated into the Honors College curriculum, making credit transfer simple and ensuring that students are working toward Honors requirements.