$500 scholarships are given to the top 3 students in each SPICES category

Students are ineligible to receive this award if they meet any of the following criteria:

  1. If a student has met the cost of attendance in the semester that they received the award.
  2. If a student is a McKinney, Distinguished Presidential Scholar, Terry Scholars or Top Scholar Recipient
  3. If a student is graduating the semester that they receive the award. The student’s award will be posted to their Myutsa account under the term they received the award. *Please note, that any students graduating will need to have their bank info updated on their Myutsa account to ensure that any awards refunded will go direct deposit. 
Stacie Garza


Stacie Garza

Senior Business Operations Manager

Honors College


The final scholarship recipient list will be submitted to our Department Fiscal Specialist. The Department Fiscal Specialist will work with the Scholarship Office to process the scholarship awards. The scholarships will be posted to the student's ASAP account within two weeks after this award notification email. If you have any questions, please call Stacie Garza at 210 458 4106, ext. 4106 or email honors@utsa.edu.

List of our Spring 2022 Winners.
Name Poster Title and Link Category
Ithzel Dominguez Texas Mission of Mercy Service - 1st Place
Isabel Vera (Lopez) Fundraising For the Youth Service - 2nd Place
Emily Schelstrate Food Insecurity and Roadrunner Pantry Service - 4th Place
Eddie Garcia Single Marine Representative Service - 5th Place
Laura Hostetler Mobile Hilfe Madagaskara Professional Development - 1st Place
Deniff Lara Office of The Mayor Professional Development - 2nd Place
Esosa Izevbigie Medical Assisting with Advantage of Pain Managment Professional Development - 4th Place
Maison Kennedy Registered Dental Assistant Professional Development - 5th Place
Vivienne Martinez Ciao Italy! My Summer in Italy Cultural Exploration - 1st Place
Rawan Bader Exploring my Ethnic Roots Cultural Exploration - 2nd Place
Juliana Woodlee Climbing For the Sky Engaged Living - 2nd Place
Josh Klopfenstein Running a Marathon Engaged Living - 3rd Place
Ashley Niemeyer Training and Running a Marathon Engaged Living - 4th Place
Alexander Hoxie On the Road to a Black Belt Engaged Living - 5th Place
Joseph Nieto Undergraduate Research Assistant at Fratz Labs Skill Development - 1st Place
Perla Ramirez EMT-B Certification Skill Development - 2nd Place
Neha Prasla Thread Marketing Skill Development - 3rd Place
Stephanie Garrett Ballet Trainee Skill Development - 4th Place
Caroline Muniz My Passion Emergency Medicine Skill Development - 5th Place
Mariah Antopia Research Awarness for Young Scholars Leadership - 1st Place
Joseph Nieto Journal Article and Book Club Coordinator for the Pre-Medical Society Leadership - 2nd Place
Clarisse Truong Leadership as a Terry Scholar Leadership - 3rd Place
Alexandra Sanabria Ascending in UTSA ASCE: My Vice-Presidential Leadership Leadership - 4th Place
Hans Robinson Loja Wasn't it Meant-or to be? Leadership - 5th Place

Name Poster Title and Link Category
Emilio Martinez III Restore Education Service- 1st Place
Ellen Cook Inquiry-Based Service-Learning Project Service- 2nd Place
Srilalitha Lanka Dance for a Cause Service- 3rd Place
Aisha Bah Cultural Humility Through Service Service- 4th Place
Jania Matthews The Roadrunner Pantry Service- 5th Place
Sofia Cavenaile Internship with Senator Jose Menendez Professional Development - 1st Place
Ellen Cook Summer Microbiology Internship Professional Development - 2nd Place
Karl Haas Project Engineer Professional Development - 3rd Place
Ethan Woods Interning at Victory Capital Professional Development - 4th Place
Camila Perez Becoming an EMT at 18 Professional Development - 5th Place
Suyapa Munoz Global Health Research in Family Planning Intellectual Achievement and Researc- 1st Place
Rachel Okereke How Does the Environment Affect How I Feel? Intellectual Achievement and Researc- 2nd Place
R.J. Alva Optimal Charging for Electric Vehicles Intellectual Achievement and Researc- 3rd Place
Zina Helal Mechanobiology Research at The University of Pennsylvania Intellectual Achievement and Researc- 4th Place
Madeline Morales Because It's Our Environment, Too Intellectual Achievement and Researc- 5th Place
Layan Ali-Hasan Fertility Clinic Shadowing Overseas Cultural Exploration- 1st Place
William Hughes A Virtual Summer in Japan Cultural Exploration- 2nd Place
Collin Matthies 50k Ultra Marathon Engaged Living- 1st Place
Christina Zhang Millennium Fellowship Project: Student Art Society Engaged Living- 2nd Place
Ellen Cook 10 Weeks Art Challenge Engaged Living- 3rd Place
Andrea Bennett My Clarinet Engaged Living- 4th Place
Jesse Reynolds Performing in the UTSA Jazz Ensemble & Combo Engaged Living- 5th Place
Srilalitha Lanka Guinness World Records Dance Challenge Skill Development- 1st Place
Margaret Okeowo Certified Medical Assisting Skill Development- 2nd Place
Jesse Reynolds Jazz Composition for UTSA Jazz Combo Skill Development- 3rd Place
Elizabeth De Leon Constructing an AISC Student Steel Bridge Skill Development- 4th Place
Joshua Gutierrez Learning and Working- Valero Internship Skill Development- 5th Place
Peyton Guenter Being a Residential Advisor Through the Pandemic Leadership- 1st Place
Jenelle Millison Leadership: From RA to ACM Officer and Everything in Between Leadership- 2nd Place
Eliesha Perez Leading Letters of Adventure Leadership- 3rd Place
Neha Mithani Peer Mentorship Leadership- 4th Place
Adeel Ahmed Doctors Without Borders Leadership- 5th Place
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Opportunities within the Honors College

The Honors College offers students the opportunity to participate in a number of different programs to further expand knowledge, especially in the realms of professional development, leadership development, and public service. Special programs are fully integrated into the Honors College curriculum, making credit transfer simple and ensuring that students are working toward Honors requirements.