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Award Winners and Scholarship Info

Awards are given to the top 5 students in each category. First through third places receive scholarships in the next semester. All places earn engraved medals presented at the Stole & Laurel Ceremony (Fall semester) or the ELF Awards & Pinning Ceremony (Spring semester). Awards include the following:

  1. First Place: $1,000 scholarship; engraved medal presented at ELF Awards & Pinning Ceremony
  2. Second Place: $500 scholarship; engraved medal presented at ELF Awards & Pinning Ceremony
  3. Third Place: $200 scholarship; engraved medal presented at ELF Awards & Pinning Ceremony
  4. Fourth Place: engraved medal presented at ELF Awards & Pinning Ceremony
  5. Fifth Place: engraved medal presented at ELF Awards & Pinning Ceremony
List of our Fall 2021 Winners.
Name Poster Title and Link Category
Emilio Martinez III Restore Education Service- 1st Place
Ellen Cook Inquiry-Based Service-Learning Project Service- 2nd Place
SrilalithaÿLanka Dance for a Causeÿ Service- 3rd Place
Aisha Bah Cultural Humility Through Service Service- 4th Place
Jania Matthews The Roadrunner Pantry Service- 5th Place
SofiaÿCavenaile Internship with Senator Jose Menendezÿ Professional Development - 1st Place
Ellen Cook Summer Microbiology Internshipÿ Professional Development - 2nd Place
Karl Haas Project Engineerÿ Professional Development - 3rd Place
Ethan Woods Interning at Victory Capitalÿ Professional Development - 4th Place
Camila Perez Becoming an EMT at 18ÿ Professional Development - 5th Place
Suyapa Munoz Global Health Research in Family Planningÿ Intellectual Achievement and Researc- 1st Place
Rachel Okereke How Does the Environment Affect How I Feel? Intellectual Achievement and Researc- 2nd Place
R.J. Alva Optimal Charging for Electric Vehicles Intellectual Achievement and Researc- 3rd Place
Zina Helal Mechanobiology Research at The University of Pennsylvaniaÿ Intellectual Achievement and Researc- 4th Place
Madeline Morales Because It's Our Environment, Tooÿ Intellectual Achievement and Researc- 5th Place
Layan Ali-Hasan Fertility Clinic Shadowing Overseasÿ Cultural Exploration- 1st Place
William Hughes A Virtual Summer in Japanÿÿ Cultural Exploration- 2nd Place
Collin Matthies 50k Ultra Marathon Engaged Living- 1st Place
Christina Zhang Millennium Fellowship Project: Student Art Societyÿ Engaged Living- 2nd Place
Ellen Cook 10 Weeks Art Challenge Engaged Living- 3rd Place
Andrea Bennett My Clarinetÿ Engaged Living- 4th Place
Jesse Reynolds Performing in the UTSA Jazz Ensemble & Comboÿ Engaged Living- 5th Place
SrilalithaÿLanka Guinness World Records Dance Challengeÿ Skill Development- 1st Place
MargaretÿOkeowo Certified Medical Assistingÿ Skill Development- 2nd Place
Jesse Reynolds Jazz Composition for UTSA Jazz Comboÿÿ Skill Development- 3rd Place
Elizabeth De Leon Constructing an AISC Student Steel Bridgeÿ Skill Development- 4th Place
Joshua Gutierrez Learning and Working- Valero Internshipÿ Skill Development- 5th Place
Peyton Guenter Being a Residential Advisor Through the Pandemicÿ Leadership- 1st Place
Jenelle Millison Leadership: From RA to ACM Officer and Everything in Betweenÿ Leadership- 2nd Place
Eliesha Perez Leading Letters of Adventureÿ Leadership- 3rd Place
Neha Mithani Peer Mentorshipÿ Leadership- 4th Place
Adeel Ahmed Doctors Without Borders Leadership- 5th Place
List of our Spring 2021 Winners.
Name Poster Title and Link Category
Carolina Nanez Being a Virtual Penpal  Service - 1st Place
Katherine Soto The Language of Opportunity Service - 2nd Place
Andreas Christodoulou Reallocating Unused Medical Equipment Service - 3rd Place
Syed Raza Fighting Autism Spectrum Disorder Service - 4th Place
Grace Johnson EDGE Volunteering: Promoting Virtues and Faith in San Antonio Middle School Students Service - 5th Place
Litzy Cantu Congressman Lloyd Doggett Internship Professional Development - 1st Place
Julia Bowen Internship at the Consulate of Belgium and Namibia Professional Development - 2nd Place
Jasmin Paquet Durand Ford Representation in Times of Crisis Professional Development - 3rd Place
Emily Rogers Literature in a Virtual World Professional Development - 4th Place
Suyapa Munoz Youth Voice and Equity in San Antonio's CoC Professional Development - 5th Place
Mason Bourque Notes from an Aspiring Astrophysicist Intellectual Achievement & Research - 1st Place
Zain Hussain Pharmaceutical Technician Certification Intellectual Achievement & Research - 2nd Place
Jessica Tonorio Social Media as a Tool for Youth Civic Engagement in Social Movements Intellectual Achievement & Research - 3rd Place
Yaire Padilla What the Flip Intellectual Achievement & Research - 4th Place
Renae Siewert The Novelty Novel Intellectual Achievement & Research - 5th Place
Adelite Hategeka East, West, North: From Africa to America Cultural Exploration - 1st Place
Forough Askarirad Experiencing Another Culture from Home Cultural Exploration - 2nd Place
Maria De Los Hubard Diaz La découverte de la France et de moi-même Cultural Exploration - 3rd Place
Keilyn Richardson Embracing Environmental Culture & Developing Active Citizenship through Service & Exploration in Puerto Rico Cultural Exploration - 4th Place
Uchechi C Nwaichi A Triad of Home: Nigeria, Midland TX, San Antonio TX Cultural Exploration - 5th Place
Aleisha Storm Beyond the Diagnosis: Weight Loss with PCOS Engaged Living - 1st Place
Zain Hussain My Journey in Blues Guitar Engaged Living - 2nd Place
Rachel Piña Music to My Brain: Learning to Play the Flute Engaged Living - 3rd Place
Brenna Lusk A Year Playing Flute in University Band Engaged Living - 4th Place
Abby Kassal Art by Abby Flynn: A Puppy Portrait Series Skill Development - 1st Place
Kane Sandoval From Student to TRiAM Ambassador Skill Development - 2nd Place
Michelle Vo Dancing the Night Away to K-Pop Skill Development - 3rd Place
Abner Vinaja Achieving Beginner-Level Japanese Fluency Skill Development - 4th Place
Elizabeth Garcia Marketing/Photography for Local Waco Entrepreneur & Community Skill Development - 5th Place
Litzy Cantu MOVE Texas: Civic Leadership Program Leadership - 1st Place
Francisco Herrera Creation of the First IEEE Engineering in Medicine & Biology Society Student Chapter at UTSA Leadership - 1st Place
Zachary Marroquin Lead EMT/Facility Lab Coordinator During the COVID-19 Pandemic Leadership - 1st Place
Dhillon Advano Secretary of Dance Club at UTSA Leadership - 1st Place
Patrick Crowley Becoming a Leader Leadership - 1st Place

Important exceptions for scholarship awards:

Students are ineligible to receive this award if they meet any of the following criteria:

  1. If a student has met the cost of attendance in the semester that they received the award.
  2. If a student is a McKinney, Distinguished Presidential Scholar, Terry Scholars or Top Scholar Recipient
  3. Any student that is scheduled to graduate in the semester that they receive this award.
    For example, if you are a student that is graduating in the Fall and you are awarded a monetary award from the Fall ELF: you are ineligible to receive this award. However, if you are a student that is scheduled to graduate in the Spring and you are awarded a monetary award from the Fall ELF, you are eligible to receive this award.

The final scholarship recipient list will be submitted to our Department Fiscal Specialist. The Department Fiscal Specialist will work with the Scholarship Office to process the scholarship awards. The scholarships will be posted to the student's ASAP account within two weeks after this award notification email. If you have any questions, please contact Stacie Garza at ext. 4106 or honors@utsa.edu.