Registration and Entry Categories

Entry Categories

The ELF is currently hosted virtually. Students will present posters with a voice-over recording in the following experience categories:

  1. Service
  2. Professional Development
  3. Intellectual Achievement beyond the classroom
  4. Cultural Exploration
  5. Engaged Living
  6. Skill Development
  7. Leadership

Registration Instructions

  1. Register
    • Registration opens: Fall - September 1; Spring - February 1
    • Deadline to register: Fall - October 1 at 11:59 pm; Spring - March 1 at 11:59 pm.
  2. At the time of registration, you need to be prepared to provide the following:
    • Title of project
    • Name & location of experience
    • Name & email of mentor or site supervisor
    • Honors SPICES category
    • Abstract (maximum of 150 words)
  3. You will enrolled in the 0 SCH course and Blackboard Learn site for your entry category no later than the following dates: (Fall - October 15; Spring - March 15). You will have as many 0 SCH courses as the number of registrations you submit.
    • Examples:
      • If you register for two Skills Experiences, you will have two Skills 0 SCH courses in Blackboard Learn.
      • If you register for a Professional Development Experience and a Cultural Exploration Experience, you will have one Professional Development 0 SCH course and one Cultural Exploration 0 SCH in Blackboard Learn.
  4. Your 0 SCH course will have an Experiential Learning Fair Blackboard Learn site.
  5. Submit your poster with presentation and your completed Experience Approval paperwork in your Experiential Learning Fair Blackboard Learn site. Deadline: Fall - November 1; Spring: April 1
    • Detailed instructions for content, preparation, and submission will be available in Blackboard Learn.
  6. Judging within the Experiential Learning Blackboard Learn site will occur in the first week of November for Fall terms and the first week week of April for Spring terms.
  7. After the judging period has ended, Honors Academic Counselors will review scores and, if applicable, Experience Approval paperwork to determine final scores, winners in each category, and experience approvals (where applicable).
  8. ELF scores and comments will be released with semester grades. Scores and comments will be available through Blackboard Learn.
  9. You will receive "CR" (Credit) for a passing score and "NC" (No Credit) for a failing score on your transcript for the 0 SCH course for your entry category. This will be recognized by DegreeWorks as fulfilling your appropriate Experience requirement.