Events Waiver

Waiving the Event Requirement

Students may request a waiver of the event requirement if they fall under any of the following circumstances:

  • They have completed at least 110 UTSA credit hours
  • They are 27 years old or older
  • They are a primary caregiver for a dependent
  • They provide documentation that they work 30+ hours per week at an off campus site
  • They are overseas, studying full time outside of the Bexar County area, or involved in a full-time internship or clinical or student teaching assignment
  • They take 12 or more credit hours at the Downtown campus
  • They have a documented medical condition or emergency

Event requirement waivers should be submitted to the Honors front desk before the UTSA Census Date for that semester. In extreme circumstances, students may still request a waiver if they do not fall under any of the above categories or if the Census Date has already passed.