UTSA Citymester Program

The UTSA Citymester Program is a student engagement initiative developed by the Honors College. Through Citymester, UTSA and community partners work together to educate our future leaders using internships, service-learning projects, and networking opportunities. The program provides selected students a semester or summer of engaged learning outside the classroom. Students will work with non-profits, businesses, and other agencies in San Antonio to gain valuable career skills to supplement their UTSA education.

Summer 2022 Citymester Application

Applications for Summer 2022 are now closed. Applications will be reviewed as received, so earlier applications will receive priority consideration.

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*Note: Only active UTSA students may submit the Citymester application. If you encounter issues when attempting to start the application, please visit Microsoft Office and ensure you are signed in with your UTSA account (firstname.lastname@my.utsa.edu).

Program Details

City Skills: (3 hours) Cityskill is the Internship component of Citymester. Placements are based on student career interests and a match making with current partners. Through the internships, students and community partners work together to strengthen our local businesses and institutions.

City Solutions: (3 hours) City Solutions is the Service Learning component of Citymester. This is an opportunity for students to work with civic or non-profit partners to identify and develop solutions to improve our community. Students will have an active role in serving the community and developing city solutions.

City Sites: (3 hours) The community becomes the classroom in this upper division, interdisciplinary seminar. San Antonio’s key institutions and landmarks host students for classes and unique opportunities to connect with city leaders in government, industry, and philanthropy.

Common Questions

Q. Will this count towards my major?
A: If you are a member of the Honors college, you will receive credits. There is a possibility that you can receive credit in your major. Once accepted to the program, email your academic advisor and CC Kristi Meyer regarding credits.

Q. Can I take other courses while doing Citymester?
A. We don't recommend adding classes to the 9 CM hours. However, if you must add classes, we recommend that additional coursework be done online.

Q. What are my responsibilities prior to the program's start?
A. Selected Citymester students are required to attend workshops and Citymester orientation before they begin City Skill, City Solutions, and City Sites. Attendance at orientation provided by the UTSA Honors College is mandatory.


UTSA students from any academic major may apply for the UTSA Citymester Program. To be eligible for the UTSA Citymester Program, students must:

  • have a UTSA GPA of 3.25 or higher (students that have a 3.0 GPA may email citymester@utsa.edu to petition)
  • be enrolled at UTSA for the semester prior to the beginning of Citymester

For questions about the UTSA Citymester Program, contact Ms. Kristi Meyer at kristi.meyer@utsa.edu or (210) 458-8679.