Application Year: 2nd and 3rd year students (defined as 2 years or 1 year left of study at UTSA). UTSA can nominate 4 students for the award each year, plus 1 additional transfer student.

Recent UTSA Recipients: Marissa Coppin (2023) Ernesto Flores (2023), Sean McFadden (2023)

Description: The Goldwater Scholarship celebrates students seeking research careers in natural sciences, mathematics, and engineering. In honor of Senator Barry Goldwater, the scholarship aims to ensure the U.S. produces highly-qualified professionals in the fields mentioned previously. Students must demonstrate significant research experience, which includes the development of original ideas and mastery of technique.

This award will appeal to students who plan to later apply for the NSF Graduate Research Fellowship and plan to enter doctoral programs. Students who plan to enter MD/PhD programs are also eligible.

Award: Maximum of $7,500 for each year remaining of undergraduate degree.

Campus Deadline: December 1 each year

Award Pathways: In their application, Goldwater Scholars outline their future career plans in research as well as present a research proposal on a topic in their discipline. View the following UTSA scholarship guide to see some experiences from past Goldwater winners that might make you a competitive for the award.

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Goldwater Scholarship Nomination

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