Current and recent UTSA students can schedule an advising appointment by filling out an intake form. Before reaching out, please consult our Awards section to see which opportunities you may be interested in applying to. When emailing, it is useful to give us a short background of your class year and major, what your future goals are at UTSA and beyond, and to also attach a resume (encouraged, but not required).


Drew Chapman

Director of Nationally Competitive Awards, Assistant Dean, Director of Russian Program in Modern Languages and Literatures, Honors College

Awards advised: all 

Languages: English, русский язык

I work with students throughout their undergraduate and graduate university careers, advising them on how to apply to nationally competitive awards and develop as strong candidates. Some of the awards I advise students toward are the Gilman Scholarship for Study Abroad, the Critical Language Scholarship, the Goldwater Scholarship for students doing research in STEM, and the Truman Scholarship for students pursuing careers in public service. I also work with students applying for awards that fund graduate school such as the Fulbright Student Program, the NSF Graduate Research Fellowship, and the Marshall, Mitchell, and Rhodes scholarships.

In addition to working with students on national awards, I teach in the College of Liberal and Fine Arts (COLFA). I direct UTSA's Russian program in the Department of Modern Languages and Literatures and teach two courses per semester in Russian language and culture.

Allie Sheldon

Graduate Assistant, Office of Nationally Competitive Awards, PhD Candidate, Department of Anthropology, Honors College

Awards advised: Fulbright Student Program, Gilman Scholarship for Study Abroad, National Science Foundation Research Experiences for Undergraduates

At UTSA, I serve as a graduate assistant in the Office of Nationally Competitive Awards, advising students on the Fulbright Student Program and the Gilman Scholarship for Study Abroad. I am a PhD student in the Anthropology department with a focus on ethnoprimatology. My current research looks at the interactions between howler monkeys and eco-lodges and how they influence howler monkey conservation in central Belize. Throughout my life, I have been fortunate to travel for work and school. While I was an undergraduate, I studied abroad in South Africa. After graduating from college, I taught English in Nanjing, China and worked at a chimpanzee sanctuary in the Gambia. I have studied mantled howler monkeys on Ometepe, Nicaragua, saddle-back tamarins in the Madre de Dios, Peru and gibbons at a sanctuary in southern California. Most recently, I studied white-handed gibbons in Huai Kha Kheng Wildlife Sanctuary in Thailand and black howler monkeys in Cayo, Belize, both as part of UTSA Study Abroad research programs. Most of my travel and all of my research trips have been funded through grants and awards. I look forward to helping UTSA students with national award applications.