Fulbright Student Program

Recent UTSA Recipients: Héctor R. Castrillón-Costa, Tom Varner, Forough Askarirad, Amber Chin, Arlae Gamez Luna, Ana-Sofia Gonzalez, Monica Guerrero, Taylor Helmcamp.        

Application Year: juniors, seniors, graduate students, and recent alumni

Description: Fulbright fully funds students to spend 8-12 months abroad in graduate programs, independent research, and English teaching assistant positions.  

Campus Deadline: September 1 each year

Applicant Profile: Fulbright selects 2000+ applicants each year! Students from every discipline are welcome, and there is no minimum GPA. Fulbright seeks to send a diverse group of US citizens from across the US and from across different backgrounds, so that people worldwide can learn about the US. 

It is not required that students have prior international travel experience. Students can demonstrate intercultural competency in some of the following ways:

  • Bilingual or multilingual background
  • Experience growing up in a bordertown or in multicultural communities in South Texas.
  • Foreign language study or area studies coursework (Global Affairs, History, Anthropology, etc.)
  • Work experience in diverse teams
  • Serving communities whose culture is different from your own

Program Types and Award Pathways: 

  • English Teaching Assistant Program: Students who have experience tutoring, coaching, or doing other teacher-like activities should definitely consider the ETA program! While having formal English teaching background is a preferred qualification, many programs welcome students outside of teaching career backgrounds who have experience in classroom-like situations.
    • View the following handout for some experiences that might make you a competitive Fulbright ETA applicant.  
  • Study/Research: Students can also apply for study or research grants. Study programs are generally 1-year master's degree programs. The research category is for students who would like to pursue independent projects of 8-12 months as a non-degree seeking student. While both undergraduate and graduate students can apply for the research award, undergraduates should have demonstrated research experience to be a competitive applicant in this category.  

Apply: https://us.fulbrightonline.org

Contact: Andrew.Chapman2@utsa.edu