Presenter Poster Presentation Category
Ithzel Dominguez Texas Mission of Mercy Service - 1st Place
Isabel Vera (Lopez) Fundraising For the Youth  Service - 2nd Place
Francisco Herrera Building A complete Water System in Guatelmala Service - 3rd Place
Emily Schelstrate Food Insecurity and Roadrunner Pantry  Service - 4th Place
Eddie Garcia Single Marine Representative  Service - 5th Place
Laura Hostetler Mobile Hilfe Madagaskara  Professional Development - 1st Place
Deniff Lara Office of The Mayor  Professional Development - 2nd Place
Oseloke Innocent-Utulu Machine Learning and Covid-19 Professional Development - 3rd Place
Esosa Izevbigie Medical Assisting with Advantage of Pain Managment Professional Development - 4th Place
Maison Kennedy Registered Dental Assistant  Professional Development - 5th Place
Laura Hostetler A Pratical Approach to Addressing Malnurition in Madagascar Intellectual Achievement & Research - 1st Place
Marissa Coppin The Role of HDAC1 in Neuronal Differentiation Intellectual Achievement & Research - 2nd Place
Joseph Nieto Novel Synthesis and Development for Taccalonolide Analogs Intellectual Achievement & Research - 3rd Place
Joshua Lazaro Differential Disease Trajectories in Low and Middle Income Countries  Intellectual Achievement & Research - 4th Place
Neha Prasla Officially Stukent Certified  Intellectual Achievement & Research - 5th Place
Vivienne Martinez Ciao Italy! My Summer in Italy  Cultural Exploration - 1st Place
Rawan Bader Exploring my Ethnic Roots  Cultural Exploration - 2nd Place
Jack Leslie My Journey Through Weight Loss  Engaged Living - 1st Place
Juliana Woodlee Climbing For the Sky  Engaged Living - 2nd Place
Josh Klopfenstein Running a Marathon  Engaged Living - 3rd Place
Ashley Niemeyer Training and Running a Marathon  Engaged Living - 4th Place
Alexander Hoxie On the Road to a Black Belt  Engaged Living - 5th Place
Joseph Nieto Undergraduate Research Assistant at Fratz Labs  Skill Development - 1st Place
Perla Ramirez EMT-B Certification  Skill Development - 2nd Place
Neha Prasla Thread Marketing  Skill Development - 3rd Place
Stephanie Garrett Ballet Trainee Skill Development - 4th Place
Caroline Muniz My Passion Emergency Medicine  Skill Development - 5th Place
Mariah Antopia Research Awarness for Young Scholars  Leadership - 1st Place
Joseph Nieto Journal Article and Book Club Coordinator for the Pre-Medical Society  Leadership - 2nd Place
Clarisse Truong Leadership as a Terry Scholar  Leadership - 3rd Place
Alexandra Sanabria  Ascending in UTSA ASCE: My Vice-Presidential Leadership  Leadership - 4th Place
Hans Robinson Loja  Wasn't it Meant-or to be?  Leadership - 5th Place

Presenter Poster Presentation Category
Emilio Martinez III Restore Education Service- 1st Place
Ellen Cook Inquiry-Based Service-Learning Project Service- 2nd Place
Srilalitha Lanka Dance for a Cause Service- 3rd Place
Aisha Bah Cultural Humility Through Service Service- 4th Place
Jania Matthews The Roadrunner Pantry Service- 5th Place
Sofia Cavenaile Internship with Senator Jose Menendez Professional Development - 1st Place
Ellen Cook Summer Microbiology Internship Professional Development - 2nd Place
Karl Haas Project Engineer Professional Development - 3rd Place
Ethan Woods Interning at Victory Capital Professional Development - 4th Place
Camila Perez Becoming an EMT at 18 Professional Development - 5th Place
Suyapa Munoz Global Health Research in Family Planning Intellectual Achievement and Researc- 1st Place
Rachel Okereke How Does the Environment Affect How I Feel? Intellectual Achievement and Researc- 2nd Place
R.J. Alva Optimal Charging for Electric Vehicles Intellectual Achievement and Researc- 3rd Place
Zina Helal Mechanobiology Research at The University of Pennsylvania Intellectual Achievement and Researc- 4th Place
Madeline Morales Because It's Our Environment, Too Intellectual Achievement and Researc- 5th Place
Layan Ali-Hasan Fertility Clinic Shadowing Overseas Cultural Exploration- 1st Place
William Hughes A Virtual Summer in Japan Cultural Exploration- 2nd Place
Collin Matthies 50k Ultra Marathon Engaged Living- 1st Place
Christina Zhang Millennium Fellowship Project: Student Art Society Engaged Living- 2nd Place
Ellen Cook 10 Weeks Art Challenge Engaged Living- 3rd Place
Andrea Bennett My Clarinet Engaged Living- 4th Place
Jesse Reynolds Performing in the UTSA Jazz Ensemble & Combo Engaged Living- 5th Place
Srilalitha Lanka Guinness World Records Dance Challenge Skill Development- 1st Place
Margaret Okeowo Certified Medical Assisting Skill Development- 2nd Place
Jesse Reynolds Jazz Composition for UTSA Jazz Combo Skill Development- 3rd Place
Elizabeth De Leon Constructing an AISC Student Steel Bridge Skill Development- 4th Place
Joshua Gutierrez Learning and Working- Valero Internship Skill Development- 5th Place
Peyton Guenter Being a Residential Advisor Through the Pandemic Leadership- 1st Place
Jenelle Millison Leadership: From RA to ACM Officer and Everything in Between Leadership- 2nd Place
Eliesha Perez Leading Letters of Adventure Leadership- 3rd Place
Neha Mithani Peer Mentorship Leadership- 4th Place
Adeel Ahmed Doctors Without Borders Leadership- 5th Place

Presenter Poster Presentation Category
Carolina Nanez Being a Virtual Penpal  Service - 1st Place
Katherine Soto The Language of Opportunity Service - 2nd Place
Andreas Christodoulou Reallocating Unused Medical Equipment Service - 3rd Place
Syed Raza Fighting Autism Spectrum Disorder Service - 4th Place
Grace Johnson EDGE Volunteering: Promoting Virtues and Faith in San Antonio Middle School Students Service - 5th Place
Litzy Cantu Congressman Lloyd Doggett Internship Professional Development - 1st Place
Julia Bowen Internship at the Consulate of Belgium and Namibia Professional Development - 2nd Place
Jasmin Paquet Durand Ford Representation in Times of Crisis Professional Development - 3rd Place
Emily Rogers Literature in a Virtual World Professional Development - 4th Place
Suyapa Munoz Youth Voice and Equity in San Antonio's CoC Professional Development - 5th Place
Mason Bourque Notes from an Aspiring Astrophysicist Intellectual Achievement & Research - 1st Place
Zain Hussain Pharmaceutical Technician Certification Intellectual Achievement & Research - 2nd Place
Jessica Tonorio Social Media as a Tool for Youth Civic Engagement in Social Movements Intellectual Achievement & Research - 3rd Place
Yaire Padilla What the Flip Intellectual Achievement & Research - 4th Place
Renae Siewert The Novelty Novel Intellectual Achievement & Research - 5th Place
Adelite Hategeka East, West, North: From Africa to America Cultural Exploration - 1st Place
Forough Askarirad Experiencing Another Culture from Home Cultural Exploration - 2nd Place
Maria De Los Hubard Diaz La découverte de la France et de moi-même Cultural Exploration - 3rd Place
Keilyn Richardson Embracing Environmental Culture & Developing Active Citizenship through Service & Exploration in Puerto Rico Cultural Exploration - 4th Place
Uchechi C Nwaichi A Triad of Home: Nigeria, Midland TX, San Antonio TX Cultural Exploration - 5th Place
Aleisha Storm Beyond the Diagnosis: Weight Loss with PCOS Engaged Living - 1st Place
Zain Hussain My Journey in Blues Guitar Engaged Living - 2nd Place
Rachel Piña Music to My Brain: Learning to Play the Flute Engaged Living - 3rd Place
Brenna Lusk A Year Playing Flute in University Band Engaged Living - 4th Place
Abby Kassal Art by Abby Flynn: A Puppy Portrait Series Skill Development - 1st Place
Kane Sandoval From Student to TRiAM Ambassador Skill Development - 2nd Place
Michelle Vo Dancing the Night Away to K-Pop Skill Development - 3rd Place
Abner Vinaja Achieving Beginner-Level Japanese Fluency Skill Development - 4th Place
Elizabeth Garcia Marketing/Photography for Local Waco Entrepreneur & Community Skill Development - 5th Place
Litzy Cantu MOVE Texas: Civic Leadership Program Leadership - 1st Place
Francisco Herrera Creation of the First IEEE Engineering in Medicine & Biology Society Student Chapter at UTSA Leadership - 1st Place
Zachary Marroquin Lead EMT/Facility Lab Coordinator During the COVID-19 Pandemic Leadership - 1st Place
Dhillon Advano Secretary of Dance Club at UTSA Leadership - 1st Place
Patrick Crowley Becoming a Leader Leadership - 1st Place

Presenter Poster Presentation Category
Forough Askarirad Mental Health Day at UTSA Service - 1st Place
Eliesha Perez Summer Fun Zooming Around the World Service - 2nd Place
Lilian Cervantes Digitizing Leadership Service - 3rd Place
Sidney Fitzpatrick Honors X Pantry Service - 4th Place
Dylan Watson Bronc Botz FRC Team Membership Service - 5th Place
Daniel Barron Streamlining Hand Dexterity Testing Professional Development - 1st Place
Chase Conn Historical SAISD Professional Development - 2nd Place
Irene Jayesh Mental Health Awareness Campaign Professional Development - 3rd Place
Wisdom Warner The Making of an Educated Knight Professional Development - 4th Place
Gabrielle Earley Becoming the Next Generation of Scientists  Professional Development - 5th Place
Mariah Antopia A Novel Approach to Research: Bioinformatic Analysis Intellectual Achievement & Research - 1st Place
Nishanth Punjaala Role of Retrosplenial Cortex in Overtrained Mice Intellectual Achievement & Research - 2nd Place
Victor Feagins Industry Research as Undergraduate Intellectual Achievement & Research - 3rd Place
Zina Helal Biophysics Research at UCSB Intellectual Achievement & Research - 4th Place
Irene Jayesh SFIR MAYO Intellectual Achievement & Research - 5th Place
Sandra Ovuegbe Nigeria to America: My Journey Cultural Exploration - 1st Place
Taylor Helmcamp Discourse Without Borders Cultural Exploration - 2nd Place
Forough Askarirad La Dolce Vita Cultural Exploration - 3rd Place
Esmeralda Gonzalez Japanese Texan Culture in Technology Cultural Exploration - 4th Place
Joshua Lazaro The Great Outdoors  Cultural Exploration - 5th Place
Patrich Mochen UTSA Men's Soccer Club Engaged Living - 1st Place
Elisa Carian Get Outside Engaged Living - 2nd Place
Abby Kassal Competing as a Division 1 Soccer Player Engaged Living - 3rd Place
Amanda Plura UTSA Percussion Indoor Engaged Living - 4th Place
Amanda Plura The Spirit of San Antonio Marching Band Engaged Living - 5th Place
Melanie Narkunan Dancing for UTSA Sapna Skill Development - 1st Place
Grace Johnson @Graceful.Letter: Learning Through Art Skill Development - 2nd Place
Annabelle Damon The Bohemian Businesswoman Skill Development - 3rd Place
Sandra Ovuegbe Peer Coaching Skill Development - 4th Place
Arlae Gamez Luna Leadership in Nonprofit Organizations Skill Development - 5th Place
Carolina Nanez Serving as a Student Leader Leadership - 1st Place
Eileen Ramirez Honors x Pantry Leadership - 1st Place
Karrington Donald NCAA Division I Team Captain Leadership - 1st Place
Andreina Ahrens Empowering Peers Through Service Coordination Leadership - 1st Place
Amanda Gomez Becoming a Certified Crossfit Trainer Leadership - 1st Place

Presenter Poster Presentation Category
Naomi Alyafei Stories Through Art: Crochet Service
Brianna Guerin The Impact of Community Health Workers Service
Reimi Navarro Healthy Body Healthy Life Fair Service
Sarah Nejat Animal Rescue and Healing with the San Antonio Humane Society Service
Favour Obuseh Leading the charge to serve as biomedical engineers Service
Daniel Orta The First Step Toward Empowerment: UTSA Global Brigades Medical Chapter Service
Daisy Paredes The Making of The Actionprint Service
Kaylee Pham San Antonio Food Bank – Fighting Hunger Service
Amanda Plura Camp MDA at Camp John Marc Service
Jordyn Ruiz Preventable Blindness: UTSA SEEs a Solution  Service
Naomi Alyafei On the Shoulders of the Giants: Mayo Clinic Internship Professional Development
Alexys Aquino Summer Law Internship Professional Development
Mufaro Chitakure Should I take this course online? Professional Development
Patrick Crowley Monroe County District Attorney Internship Professional Development
Victor Feagins Summer Program in Research and Learning Professional Development
Jaci Finch Bay LTD Summer Marketing Internship Professional Development
Andrew Hernandez Texas Real Estate License Professional Development
Cici Legarde HVAC Design Internship Professional Development
Valeria Mireles Certified Limited Radiology Technician Professional Development
Eleanor Mukolwe Law School Preparation Academy Professional Development
Abigail Munteanu Development of Scientific Communication Professional Development
Liz Nguyen Creating a New Future Through Code Professional Development
Favour Obuseh Drinking from the fire hose at MIT Professional Development
Kaylee Pham Pharmacy Shadowing Experience University Health System Professional Development
Sunaina Rasamallu 2019 SLSPA Pre-law program Professional Development
Jesse A. Reynolds Rob Roy Consulting Internship Professional Development
Jordyn Ruiz Vocational Validation Through Volunteering Professional Development
Jordyn Ruiz A Product of the UTSA Ambassador Program Professional Development
Nasser Tieby Cybersecurity Abroad Professional Development
Linh Tram Presenting at Scientific Conferences Professional Development
Ruben Ureno Berridge Manufacturing Company Professional Development
Kaitlyn Varela Researching the Anti-malarial, Plant Natural Product, Artemisinin Professional Development
Brennan Wingenter Marching to Success Professional Development
Arlae Gamez Luna Empowering Unaccompanied Minors Intellectual Achievement & Research
Michael Gardner COS Honors – Physics Thesis Intellectual Achievement & Research
Sarah Hamm Behavior and Gender with the MMPI-A Intellectual Achievement & Research
Irene Jayesh ASPREE Clinical Research Intellectual Achievement & Research
Sally Lent Independent Research with the UTSA Bee Research Program Intellectual Achievement & Research
Montana Meeker Green Fence, Green Steps, Global Waste Revolution Intellectual Achievement & Research
Alicia Moreno Damnatio Memoriae or Sic Transit Gloria Mundi: The Impact of Creating a Public Pedagogy by Memorialization of War in Post-Civil War Alabama and Post-World War II Berlin Intellectual Achievement & Research
Adrian Naoun A Leading Infectious Disease: Challenges in the Eradication of Tuberculosis Intellectual Achievement & Research
Reimi Navarro Heterozygoats? Just allele uneven Intellectual Achievement & Research
Sandra Ovuegbe Public Health Study Abroad, 2019 Intellectual Achievement & Research
Caille Paulsen NSF REU: Exploring Evidence of the Anthropocene Intellectual Achievement & Research
Tristan Pepper A Dynamic Mineralization Process to Form Biomimetic Coatings on Silk Intellectual Achievement & Research
Jesse A. Reynolds Rob Roy Consulting Research Intellectual Achievement & Research
Trinity Schaefer Engineering The Human Body Intellectual Achievement & Research
Linh Tram Finding New Ways for Chemical Syntheses Intellectual Achievement & Research
Carolina Zuniga CX3CR1 and Its Impact on Multiple Sclerosis Intellectual Achievement & Research
Nathali Bergonio NOLS Wilderness First Responder Course Engaged Living
Michael Gardner Olympic Recurve Archery Engaged Living
Seth Gibson SOSA Engaged Living
Amanda Gomez Becoming a Competitive Weightlifter Engaged Living
Abigail Harrod 200 Hour Yoga Teacher Training Engaged Living
Kennedy Howland Hiking for Health Engaged Living
Jonathan Keiser Mastering the Music Engaged Living
Sarah Keiser Living and Giving Music Through YOSA Engaged Living
Sunaina Rasamallu Martial Arts Journey Engaged Living
Andrea Bennett The Spirit of San Antonio Skill Development
Sarah Mockler Suck It Up, Buttercup! Skill Development
Stanley Philip The Emerging Social Butterfly Skill Development
Sunaina Rasamallu U.S Open I.S.K.A World Martial Arts Championship Skill Development
Kelsey Tabor Increase Your Melody Skill Development
Casey Carter Leadership is for Everybody Leadership
Kayla Law Supplemental Instruction Leader Leadership
Melanie Narkunan Teaching at Aum School Leadership
Sulieman Naser UTSA Ambassadors Leadership
Jordyn Ruiz United For Sight Leadership
David Serna Honors Peer Coaching Leadership

Presenter Poster Presentation Category
Elisa Carian Blueprints for Pangaea at UT San Antonio Service
Brittany Harris I Save Lives Service
Irene Jayesh Gilgal: Home for the lost Service
Silvia Lira Cafecitos y Libros Service
Rachel Pina The Light of The World Church: Health Ministry Service
Diana Reyes Camp Ausome! Service
Telich, Sainz Telich The paradox of the “City of Joy” Service
Forough Askarirad Welcoming Migrants in San Antonio Professional Development
Trey Balzen Internship with the Department of Defense Professional Development
Ashley Bandfield Medicinal Chemistry: Synthesizing a Cure for Malaria Professional Development
Ivana Chen Internship at the Nordling Lab Professional Development
Paula Contreras [Supplementing Your Life] Professional Development
Christine Egu NICU Graduate Clinic Intern Professional Development
Hugh Galloway Internship with Schneider Engineering Professional Development
Edgar Garza Vamos, Vamos, Vamos Professional Development
Amanda Gomez CPRIT Cancer Research Scholar Program Professional Development
Kennedy Howland Clinical Internship at Mays Cancer Center Professional Development
Taylor Martin If Wall Street Could Talk: From Intern to Analyst Professional Development
Marcos Mullin 30,000 Feet Up at the Texas Legislature Professional Development
Daniel Ramirez Air Force Civilian Service Professional Development
Rocio Sanchez Providing Higher Education through the Nonprofit Sector Professional Development
Analisa Sulaica Congressional Hispanic Caucus Institute Leadership Conference Professional Development
Daniel Barron Custom Drone Research Intellectual Achievement
Gregg Bascos Novel Designs in Endotracheal Intubation Intellectual Achievement
Qiwei Chen Following the Footsteps of the Greatest Mind, Frederick Douglass Global Fellowship Intellectual Achievement
Amber Chin Group Dynamics in Göttingen Intellectual Achievement
Andreas Christodoulou Applications of Selenium Telluride Nanoparticles in Medicine: In Search of an Alternative Cancer Treatment Intellectual Achievement
Brandon Colon Programming a LabVIEW Application to Configure & Communicate with High Frequency Drives Intellectual Achievement
Paula Contreras [Indiana Jones Lied to Me] Intellectual Achievement
Kennedy Howland Analysis of Angiogenesis in Tissue Engineered Skeletal Muscle with Varying Myogenic Proportions Intellectual Achievement
Neha Kashyap Community Accountability Intellectual Achievement
Taylor Martin Business Development Companies: Imposing on Private Equity? Intellectual Achievement
Austin Schoppe Stem Cell Research in Denver, CO Intellectual Achievement
Aleya Shedd Altered Neocortical Rhythmic Activity States in a Mouse Model of Females with Fragile X Syndrome Intellectual Achievement
Erwin Sotelo The Feeling of Becoming a Published Author Intellectual Achievement
Linh Tram Summer Research Project: Effects of MCAM on Drinking-in-the-dark B6 Mice Intellectual Achievement
Ivana Chen Chinese and Culture Study Abroad Cultural Exploration
Qiwei Chen Tracing the Roots While Exploring New Perspectives, Study Abroad in Taiwan Cultural Exploration
Chen Grace The Poverty of Privilege Cultural Exploration
Kurt Johnson Engineering an Appreciation for Spanish Culture Cultural Exploration
Marcos Mullin Volunteering in Cape Town Cultural Exploration
Sabrina Perez [Helping the Youth in Alaska] Cultural Exploration
Lucy Schoolfield Kiwis, Health, and Sustainability Cultural Exploration
Riti Srivastava Delving into Spanish Culture Cultural Exploration
Jack Wegrzyn Chinese Public Health: A Cultural Divide Cultural Exploration
Katie Becker [Competing as a D1 Athlete] Engaged Living
Sabrina Perez [Kicking Expectations] Engaged Living
Daniel Ramirez Spirit of San Antonio Engaged Living
Trinity Schaefer One Note At A Time Engaged Living
Michael Gardner Woodworking Skill Development
Donald Karington Ariel’s EP: Making Dreams Reality Skill Development
Michael Gardner Gilman Scholarship Leadership
Nehemiah Jackson The Cultivation of a Servant Leader Leadership
Silvia Lire LeaderShape Leadership
Alicia Moreno Project Leader Program, Alamo Colleges Leadership
Riti Srivastava Honors x Pantry Leadership
George Tharakan “For the Blue, and the Orange, and the White” Summer of a UTSA Orientation Leader Leadership
UTSA Honors College graphic

Opportunities within the Honors College

The Honors College offers students the opportunity to participate in a number of different programs to further expand knowledge, especially in the realms of professional development, leadership development, and public service. Special programs are fully integrated into the Honors College curriculum, making credit transfer simple and ensuring that students are working toward Honors requirements.